Ryan Smith

Vaccine Tracker

An easy way for moms to keep track of vaccines and know what's due next.

Screenshot of the vaccine tracker feature on mobile.

The vaccine tracker lets moms keep track of vaccines, record dates received, know what's upcoming, and learn more about different vaccines.

Problem Statement

Healthcare providers wanted new moms to have an easy way to check off vaccines and know what's due next in order to promote healthy kids and staying up-to-date with vaccines.

Keeping Track of Completed Vaccines

Check off vaccines when your child receives them.

The vaccine list showing checked off vaccines and vaccines not yet received.

Know What's Due Next

See what's due next and when.

The vaccine list showing the next set of vaccines due.

Learn More About a Vaccine

Get all the details and adjust the date received.

The vaccine list showing the next set of vaccines due.

Video of App Store Build

Video of the App Store version of the vaccine tracker. Press play to view.

My Role

On the Circle app at Providence, I was a design team of one collaborating with a product manager, leadership, developers, QA, and copywriting.

Key Design Activities


Vaccine tracker wireframes.

Wireframes detailing the screens and states of the vaccine tracker.

User Flow

Diagram showing flow of vaccine tracker.

User flow for adjusting the date received of a vaccine.

Launched in the Fall of 2017

Vaccine tracker shipped for Android and iOS in the fall of 2017.

Visual designs of the vaccine tracker feature.

Screenshots of the App Store build of Circle by Providence showing the vaccine list and the vaccine detail screens.