Ryan Smith

I'm a UX designer crafting effective and easy to use experiences for iOS, Android, and the web.


A vaccine tracking screen on a health app.

Circle Vaccine Tracker

Providence St. Joseph Health

As a busy mom you've got a lot on your plate. We wanted to make it easy to check off completed vaccines and see what's due next.

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A movement tracking screen on a health app.

Circle Movement Tracker

Providence St. Joseph Health

The movement tracker helps pregnant moms check baby movements. We wanted to make some enhancements to make movement tracking easier.

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A calculator app running on an iPhone.

CalcCalc – iOS Calculator App

Personal Project

CalcCalc is a calculator app I designed, coded, and launched in the App Store to better understand the life cycle of app development from an engineering perspective.

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The Disney World app with the get directions feature open showing a route preivew.

Get Directions

Disney Parks and Resorts

The Get Directions feature helps guests navigate around the Walt Disney World Resort with turn-by-turn walking directions and transportation information on the iOS and Android mobile app.

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A podcast app showing a list of podcasts.

Design Updates for Podcast App

Black Pixel

While at Black Pixel, I refreshed the design of our white-labeled podcast framework to match the updated visual style of iOS 7 and our client's new branding.

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Selected Dribbble Shots

Dribbble shot of landing page for Charity Mix. Dribbble shot of a recreation of the iOS brightness slider in ProtoPie. Dribbble shot of Circle app movement tracking flow. Dribbble shot of the HaulHub dashboard.

About Me

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Skilled across all phases of user experience design including research, ideation, prototyping, visual design, and implementation.

I value customer-focused teams and strive to ship value for users. I enjoy collaborating closely with product managers, leadership, design teams, and developers. I have tons of experience collaborating with engineers to ship native mobile apps.

Before design, I worked as a grip in the lighting of commercials, corporate videos, and no-budget features.

I love reading, travel, photography, cars with manual transmissions, motorcycles, coffee, and synthwave music.

What Others Say About Me

"Ryan’s a thorough product designer that excels at finding elegant solutions to design problems. I hired Ryan in 2017 and the quality of his work was always top notch. He was one of the most collaborative members of the team, regularly engaging product, copy, engineering, and QA to improve designs and implement features. Ryan would be an asset to any team."

Sarah Ramsay, former Senior Director, Consumer Strategy at Providence St. Joseph Health

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ryan at Black Pixel. We worked closely together on a number of projects, and I always appreciated his insights and creativity. He truly cares about great design. His keen eye for detail stands out. I enjoyed being in meetings with him because he brings confidence and a clear approach to tackling challenges."

Ronan Rooney, former UX Designer at Black Pixel