Ryan Smith / UX Designer

Hello, I'm Ryan. I’m a designer that loves collaborating with product teams to get stuff done.

I’m looking for a full-time role. Take a look at my work, learn more about me, or get in touch via email.


Circle Women's Health App

At Providence St. Joseph Health, I worked on Circle, a native mobile app for iOS and Android aimed at moms and moms-to-be.

As a design team of one I collaborated with product and leadership to plan features that meet user and business goals while also executing at a detail level across interaction, interface, and visual design. We shipped over 24 enhancements and new features to the App Store and Play Store over a 14 month period.

Movement Tracker

The movement tracker helps pregnant moms check baby movements. We wanted to make some enhancements to make movement tracking easier. Read More →

Screenshots of the movement tracker feature.

Vaccine Tracker

As a busy mom you've got a lot on your plate. We wanted to make it easy to check off completed vaccines and see what's due next. Read More →

Screenshots of the vaccine tracker feature.


CalcCalc is a calculator app I designed, coded, and launched in the App Store to better understand the life cycle of app development from an engineering perspective.

I love learning about the development process and find it helps me communicate better with engineers and deliver design solutions that are more thoroughly thought out. To that end, I designed, built, and launched an app to better understand Xcode and the developer toolset.

A calculator app for iPhone.


Photo of Ryan Smith

I’ve been designing intuitive and elegant experiences for iOS, Android, and the web since 2011.

I’m a highly collaborative designer with experience in every phase of design, from high-level product strategy to executing at a detail level.

I love to explore and refine concepts and build prototypes to communicate, validate, and ship the best possible designs. I’ve used Framer to build high-fidelity prototypes since it was a project on GitHub. I also employ other tools such as Flinto or Invision – whatever gets the job done the fastest. I have tons of experience collaborating with engineers to implement designs.

Before design, I worked as a grip in the lighting of commercials, corporate videos, and no-budget features.

I love photography, reading, travel, cars with manual transmissions, coffee, and synthwave music.