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Ryan Smith

Freelance product designer for mobile, tablet, and web. Available for work. Skilled at crafting mobile experiences from concept to launch and beyond. Previously at Disney Parks & Resorts and Black Pixel.


Drive App

I wanted an app for road trips that would keep me up to date on trip progress and time remaining while being easy to read and interact with in the car. Drive lets you enter a destination and view stats on your progress in an easy to read view.


I wanted to design and code my own app and launch it on the App Store. I love learning about Xcode, Interface Builder, Swift, and the tools developers use. To keep it simple, I made a single view calculator.

Prototyping in Framer

I'm a big fan of prototyping as a way to explore interactions and to communicate ideas. Framer is one of my favorite tools. Last year I gave several micro-talks on prototyping, including Getting Started with Framer to a packed house at one of the world’s most popular monthly Framer meet ups. I’ve also been a mentor for that group, FramerJS Seattle, since it’s inception.

About Me

Born and raised in Seattle, my first career was in film and video production where I worked as a grip in the lighting of commercials, corporate video, and the occasional no-budget movie. I have a Bachelor of English degree from the University of Washington. I like pens and notebooks, checklists, Framer Studio, coffee, and cinnamon fire Jolly Ranchers.