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Ryan Smith

Product designer based in Seattle.

I’ve been designing intuitive and elegant experiences for iOS, Android, and the web since 2011.

I strive to stay customer-focused and collaborate closely with product and business stakeholders. I love to explore and refine concepts and build prototypes to communicate, validate, and ship the best possible designs. I have tons of experience collaborating with engineers to implement designs.

I'm currently looking for a full-time role at a product company or agency with an emphasis on mobile apps. I value close collaboration between product, design, and engineering. I’m excited by teams that focus on shipping and iterating on shipped work over perfection. I look for teams with an emphasis on delivering value from the customer's perspective.

I'm looking for a full-time role. Get in touch.


Circle Women's Health App

At Circle, I was a design team of one performing research, collaborating with product managers, engineers, and business stakeholders, and designing features and enhancements for a native iOS and Android app aimed at moms and moms-to-be. We shipped over 24 enhancements and new features to the App Store and Play Store over a 14 month period.

Movement Tracker

The movement tracker makes it easy to check baby movements in the third trimester. We wanted to make some enhancements to make more intuitive and easier to use. Read More →

Vaccine Tracker

As a busy mom you've got a lot on your plate. We wanted to make it easy to check off completed vaccines and see what's due next. Read More →

Screenshots of the Circle vaccine tracker feature showing list of vaccines and a detail view with more info about the disease.

Side Projects


CalcCalc is a calculator app I designed, coded, and launched in the App Store to better understand the lifecycle of app development from an engineering perspective.

I love learning about the development process and find it helps me communicate better with engineers and deliver design solutions that are more thoroughly thought out. To that end, I designed, built, and launched an app to better understand Xcode and the developer toolset. Check It Out →


I'm a self-taught designer that started with iOS apps in 2011. Before that, I worked as a grip in the lighting of commercials, corporate videos, and no-budget features.

I love photography, reading, travel, cars with manual transmissions, coffee, and synthwave music.

I'm passionate about: