Ryan Smith

Product designer focused on UX, interaction, and visual design for mobile, tablet, and web.

CalcCalc App

I wanted to design and code my own app and launch it on the App Store. I love learning about Xcode, Interface Builder, Swift, and the tools developers use. To keep it simple, I made a single view calculator.

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Hair Force App

When I get my haircut I’m always at a loss for explaining how I want it cut. I typically resort to showing the stylist a photo from a past haircut that I liked. I thought I’d be great if there was an app that made it easier to find and show a photo of a prior haircut.

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Watch Shots App

An app that makes it easy for watch lovers to share what watch they’re wearing with a community of watch fans.

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I'm a big fan of prototyping as a way to explore interactions and to communicate ideas. Framer is one of my favorite tools. Last year I gave several micro-talks on prototyping, including Getting Started with Framer to a packed house at one of the world’s most popular monthly Framer meet ups. I’ve also been a mentor for that group, FramerJS Seattle, since it’s inception.