Product designer focused on UX, interaction, and visual design for mobile and tablet apps.

I work at Disney, designing mobile app experiences on the Parks and Resorts team. Previously, I was at Black Pixel.

Since most of my work is confidential, I created this website to showcase personal concepts.

Watch Shots app iPhone concept Watch Shots app iPhone concept
Framer JS code and prototype on a laptop screen
Dictionary app iPhone concept Dictionary app iPhone concept
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Apple Watch app concept XCode and iOS Simulator screenshot

Work Experience

Interaction Designer, Disney Parks and Resorts Digital, January 2015 to Present

Create and iterate on concepts, wireframe flows, and build interactive prototypes in the creation of user centered designs that meet user and product goals. Communicate and justify designs decisions to designers, product owners, engineers, directors, and VPs. Collaborate closely with product owners, project managers, visual designers, engineers, and leadership to sustain existing apps and design new features.

UX Designer, Black Pixel, March 2011 to December 2014

Collaborated with clients, designers, developers, and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle – from kickoff to launch – to interview stakeholders and users, brainstorm concepts, establish metrics for success, create and iterate designs, and implement designs for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Created a variety of UX deliverables including product briefs, user flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, and style guides. Experienced at using Photoshop, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Framer Studio, InDesign, Sketch, Keynote, and InVision to wireframe, mockup, and prototype designs. Collaborated with engineers to implement designs, update assets in Git, and tweak type, shadows, and position in Xcode.

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I'm a product designer skilled at creating apps for phones and tablets. I'm passionate about design process, collaboration, and meeting user and business goals. I have a diverse set of skills including UX design, interaction design, and visual design.

I love design, photography, checklists, reading, and nvAlt.

Before design, I worked as a grip on commercials, corporate videos, and the occasional no-budget movie.